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For cutting-edge AI healthcare research £13M

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UK has announced a £13 million investment in cutting-edge AI research within the healthcare sector. The announcement, made by Technology Secretary Michelle Donelan, marks a major step forward in harnessing the potential of AI in revolutionising healthcare. The investment will empower 22 winning projects across universities and NHS trusts, from Edinburgh to Surrey, to drive innovation and transform patient care.

One of the standout projects receiving funding is the University College London’s Centre for Interventional and Surgical Sciences. With a grant exceeding £500,000, researchers aim to develop a semi-autonomous surgical robotics platform designed to enhance the removal of brain tumours. This pioneering technology promises to elevate surgical outcomes, minimise complications, and expedite patient recovery times. University of Sheffield’s, Oxford’s projects and other universities are receiving huge fund for their research works.

This pivotal move is accompanied by the nation’s preparations to host the world’s first major international summit on AI safety, underscoring its commitment to responsible AI development. Scheduled for later this year, the AI safety summit will provide a platform for international stakeholders to collaboratively address AI’s risks and opportunities. As Europe’s AI leader, and the third-ranking globally behind the USA and China, the UK is well-positioned to lead these discussions and champion the responsible advancement of AI technology.

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