Vision and Mission


  • To be the premier African AI research & development center by 2030 and play key role in creating innovative AI-enabled solutions.


  • Fostering data-driven AI systems to solve problems and increase efficiency and productivity.

Values Of The Institute

Core values of Artificial Intelligence Institute

  • Loyalty
  • Integrity
  • Humanity 
  • Diversity
  • Transparent and Accountability
  • Continuous Learning and Development

Power And Duties

The Institute shall have the powers and duties to:

  1. Provides research-based artificial intelligence products and services necessary for the development of the country.
  2. Design and implement short and long term artificial intelligence research implementation plans, strategies and programs based on the country’s  development direction.
  3. Establish and administer International standard national infrastructure that enables artificial intelligence research and development.
  4. Formulate, draft, and monitor the implementation of National Artificial Intelligence policies, laws and regulatory frameworks;
  5. Create an eco-system that maintains interconnection between public and private entities regarding artificial intelligence activities; 
  6. Provide support and create systems for the enhancement of National Artificial Intelligence research capacity and innovation skills; 
  7. Collect, analyze and provide data to the relevant body to support the national security decision-making process using artificial intelligence technology; as well as support to the security forces;
  8. Ensures that artificial intelligence in a manner that supports national economic and social programs;
  9. Enables artificial intelligence to support decision making process on urban administrations, land administration, prevention of disaster and other environmental challenges;
  10. Facilitate establishment of national artificial intelligence information data base development, utilization and supervision;  
  11. Collect, organize and analyze data from public and private institutions in the country and provide date analysis services through artificial intelligence technology;
  12. Authorizes the use of artificial intelligence research, infrastructure and private developers activities and arrange system of supervision for the development of the country; 
  13. Add value to internationally recognized artificial intelligence research products and adapt them to areas of interest in our country; 
  14. Increase public awareness by making artificial intelligence technology information’s accessible;
  15. Holding details data of imported artificial intelligence technologies and  certifies them for domestic use;
  16. Facilitates the development of manpower in collaboration with domestic and foreign educational institutions;
  17. Provides support and Collaborate with the police and other law enforcement agencies in the prevention and investigation of crimes using artificial intelligence technology;
  18. Enhances the development of the sector based on cooperation and partnership with similar institutions inside and outside the country;
  19. collect service fee for products and service it provides based on the Regulation to be issued by the Council of Ministers;
  20. Own property, enter into contracts. Sue and be sued in its own name;
  21. Performs other duties related to its objectives.