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How Lenovo wants to unlock AI for all at the edge

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It makes a lot of sense to put AI as far out on the edge of the network as possible, as it can solve problems for people like first responders and reduce the amount of useless storage sent to the cloud.

Lenovo demonstrated a bunch of these solutions at the recent Mobile World Congress 24 show in Barcelona, Spain. The big company unveiled its “AI for All” vision with telco customer solutions that will accelerate global AI deployment.

As the telecom industry continues its dramatic evolution to enable the rollout of 5G and an AI-powered future, innovations in IoT networks, cloud infrastructure, and edge computing are critical to connecting today’s digital economy. Edge computing allows businesses to analyze data in real-time, enabling faster actionable insights for more efficient operations and services.

Combined with AI-optimized servers its ecosystem of partners, Lenovo’s comprehensive range of far edge to cloud solutions are enabling key service providers to quickly deploy an entire network of high-power computing to drive revolutionary efficiency and intelligence for their own customers and beyond.

AI for All is a concept that aims to ensure that the benefits of artificial intelligence (AI) are accessible to all, including those in developing countries like Ethiopia.

It requires a multi-faceted approach that includes infrastructure development, skill building, localization, data management, collaboration, ethical considerations, and fostering innovation. By addressing these aspects, AI can play a transformative role in various sectors and contribute to sustainable development in Ethiopia.