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India Leads Global AI Research, Bengaluru Ranked 7th Among Top AI Hubs

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Bengaluru has secured the seventh position on the list of the world’s top 10 artificial intelligence (AI) hubs, as per a recent report by The report highlights that India, tied with Germany, boasts the highest number of AI research institutions globally, cementing its position as a leader in AI research.

Bengaluru, recognized for its robust technological infrastructure and innovation ecosystem, hosts 759 AI startups and achieved an aggregate score of 4.64 in the AI hub rankings. The city’s dynamic environment is marked by a high concentration of AI jobs and research facilities, making it a crucial player on the global AI stage.

The report indicates that India (with Bengaluru) and Germany (with Berlin) lead with nine AI research institutions each. This strong presence of research institutions underscores both cities’ significant contributions to the advancement of AI technologies. In comparison, China, despite having 518 AI startups, has only six AI research institutions.

“Bengaluru, like Berlin, excels with the highest number of AI research institutions and available AI jobs among the listed cities”, stated the report. This aligns with the city’s reputation for fostering a thriving tech community and being a hub for AI talent and innovation.

Boston, USA, topped the global list of AI hubs for 2024, with a leading score of 6.26, followed by Singapore with a score of 5.92. Tel Aviv, Israel, ranked third with a score of 5.62, reflecting its strong AI ecosystem. Zurich, Switzerland, and Toronto, Canada, took the fourth and fifth positions respectively, showcasing the geographical diversity in leading AI hubs.

The report also highlighted that five of the top 10 AI hubs are located in Asia, indicating the region’s growing influence in the AI sector. This underscores the shifting dynamics of technological leadership towards Asian cities in the global AI landscape.

Bengaluru’s recognition as a top AI hub reinforces India’s position at the forefront of AI research and innovation, reflecting its commitment to advancing technology and supporting a burgeoning AI industry.

Source : siliconindia