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National Digital Week Celebrations Kick Off in Ethiopia

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Ethiopia has commenced its first-ever National Digital Week, a momentous occasion aimed at showcasing the country’s digital transformation initiatives to the wider community and raising awareness about the benefits of digital technologies. The event seeks to inspire the community to embrace digital advancements and leverage them for their own benefit.

In line with this initiative, the Ministry of Innovation and Technology’s leadership and staff paid a visit to the Ethiopian Artificial Intelligence Institute. During the visit, ministry officials lauded the institute’s pioneering research in the field of artificial intelligence, recognizing its significance in driving the country’s digital transition. They also highlighted the institute’s exemplary work with teenagers, emphasizing that it could serve as a blueprint for other institutions striving to achieve sustainable digital transformations.

The inaugural Digital Ethiopia Week, themed “Our common efforts for our digital Ethiopia,” will be celebrated from February 18th to February 22nd, 2016 E.C.(2/26/2024-1/3/2024 G.C)

Throughout the course of this event-filled week, a wide range of captivating activities and events will take place, all with the aim of nurturing a vibrant culture of digital innovation and collaboration across the nation.