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Study Reveals Public Doubts and Hopes for AI in Journalism

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As generative AI continues to develop, public attitudes towards its use in journalism reveal both skepticism and potential, according to the latest Reuters Institute Digital News Report. This report, which surveyed over 92,000 online news consumers across 46 markets, provides a comprehensive look at how AI is reshaping the news landscape and how audiences perceive this transformation.

The report highlights significant concern among the public regarding the use of AI in news production. Many respondents expressed doubts about the reliability and authenticity of AI-generated news content. This skepticism is rooted in the fear that AI might exacerbate the spread of misinformation and diminish the quality of journalism.

Trust in news is already fragile, with only 38% of Filipinos expressing confidence in the media they consume. The introduction of AI into journalism could either further erode this trust or, conversely, offer opportunities to enhance it through improved accuracy and efficiency in news production.

Benefits and innovations

Despite the concerns, there are clear advantages to incorporating AI in journalism. AI can assist in automating routine reporting tasks, allowing journalists to focus on more in-depth investigative work. Additionally, AI tools can analyze large datasets quickly, uncovering stories that might be missed by human reporters.

Challenges and ethical considerations

The integration of AI in journalism is not without its challenges. Ethical considerations around transparency, accountability, and bias in AI-generated content are paramount. News organizations must ensure that AI tools are used responsibly and that the content they produce is clearly labeled to maintain transparency with the audience.

Legal issues surrounding the use of AI in news are also emerging. Intellectual property rights, especially regarding the use of news content for training AI models, need clear guidelines to prevent misuse and ensure fair compensation for content creators.

Source : Inquirer