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The Ethical Dilemma Of AI In Marketing

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Artificial Intelligence has revolutionized the marketing landscape, offering businesses unprecedented insights into consumer behavior and preferences. However, as AI becomes increasingly intertwined with marketing strategies, the question of ethics becomes more pressing. Can AI be genuinely ethical when used in marketing, or is it inherently prone to manipulation and deception?

The ethical implications of AI in marketing were recently discussed at the annual Business School DEI Collaborative Conference hosted by Texas Christian University. The conference brought together experts from academia and industry to explore the intersection of AI and DEI in business schools.

The ethical dilemma surrounding AI in marketing is a complex issue that applies to both developed and developing countries, including Ethiopia. AI technology in marketing has the potential to transform advertising and customer targeting, but it also raises concerns about privacy, fairness, and socioeconomic implications.

It’s important for stakeholders in Ethiopia and other developing countries to actively engage in discussions about AI ethics, involve diverse perspectives, and establish guidelines that align with local values and priorities. By doing so, they can harness the potential of AI in marketing while mitigating its ethical challenges.

Source : Forbes