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The Future of Smart Manufacturing Takes A New Turn With AI

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From increasingly sophisticated large language models to impressive analytics capabilities, AI has demonstrated that it’s much more than a passing trend. But will that be true for asset-intensive industries like industrial manufacturing?

Industrial manufacturing has a record of adopting technology in silos. Automation is driven by robots on the factory floor. New business models are introduced with IoT sensors in machines, while shipments are tracked with RFID codes. Each of these cases emerged from a focus on applying specific technologies in one location or factory for a single purpose.

But, according to research from The Futurum Group, change is on the horizon. The latest AI-enabled smart manufacturing capabilities are beginning to extend the benefits of digitalization from the manufacturing floor to the entire company.

Approaching the cliff of true transformation

Organizations are grappling with shifting customer expectations while navigating supply chain constraints and other global challenges. In response, they are turning to emerging technologies, such as AI, to enhance resiliency, improve worker productivity, and adapt to new business models.

Creating a more transparent business in all areas

Bosch Rexroth AG, a wholly owned subsidiary of Robert Bosch GmbH, is a prime example of a manufacturer leading the charge. The global automation solutions provider uses enterprise architecture and business process management tools to crowdsource and verify data across its application portfolio and IT landscape. This move democratized data access, enabling collaboration and creating a unified source of truth

Establishing the foundation for expansive growth

Komax Group elevated the value of integrating business processes and people even more. Understanding that AI, Industry 4.0, and the IoT are radically changing the manufacturing industry, the growing technology company rethought its technology foundation to harvest those innovations and connect acquired subsidiaries worldwide.

Bringing digitalization to the whole manufacturing business

The rapid advancement of technologies with the inclusion of AI is revolutionizing the industrial manufacturing landscape, pushing companies to move beyond their traditional, siloed approaches. And as technology continues to evolve, the integration of AI within the industrial manufacturing industry will fuel a new era of opportunity and excellence.

Source: Forbes