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AI is not Creative, you are’: How AI will Change the Way we Work, according to Microsoft

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AI continues to revolutionise the way individuals work, freeing up time, automating mundane tasks and improving productivity. However, it cannot replace the originality and creative power of the human mind. This is the message Colette Stallbaumer, GM of Microsoft’s Copilot and co-founder of WorkLab, wants workers to understand.

Stallbaumer’s message comes in the wake of recent data from a work survey organised by Microsoft and LinkedIn which highlights the surging use of AI in the white-collar workforce. The survey showed that AI is already having a significant impact on how people do their jobs.

The integration of AI tools such as ChatGPT and Copilot are transforming workplaces – a change that should be embraced rather than feared, says Stallbaumer, because AI will not only change individual work practices, but could transform the DNA of entire organisations.

According to the 2024 annual Work Trend Index report which surveyed 31,000 people across 31 countries, 75 per cent are already using generative AI at work – a figure that has doubled in the last six months.

The growing trend of individuals integrating AI tools at a grassroots level is already showing significant benefits; 85 per cent of respondents reported increased productivity, and 84 per cent noted improvements in creativity, leading to higher employee satisfaction. 

Generative AI tools allow workers to allocate more time to human-centric activities, such as team engagement and creative thinking. As such humans will be less doers and more supervisors of AI and AI-generated work and outcomes, explained Stallbaumer. 

Source : euronews