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AI as personal life coach

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Recently, Google, locked in an accelerating competition with rivals like Microsoft and OpenAI to develop AI technology, was looking for ways to put a charge into its artificial intelligence research. To cop up merged DeepMind, a research lab it had acquired in London, with Brain, an artificial intelligence team it started in Silicon Valley. The combined groups are testing ambitious new tools that could turn generative AI – the technology behind chatbots such as OpenAI’s ChatGPT and Google’s own Bard – into a personal life coach. 

This innovation working with generative AI to perform at least 21 different types of personal and professional tasks, including tools to give users life advice, ideas, planning instructions and tutoring tips. It shows Google’s effort to propel itself to the front of the AI pack and signaled its increasing willingness to trust AI systems with sensitive tasks.

The project’s idea creation feature could give users suggestions or recommendations based on a situation. Its tutoring function can teach new skills or improve existing ones, like how to progress as a runner; and the planning capability can create a financial budget for users as well as meal and workout plans.

Source: The New York Times