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AI-driven drug discovery is poised to boom in 2024

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The Utah-based startup Recursion announced a Nvidia collaboration in July 2023, in which Nvidia invested $50 million as well as access to BioNeMo, its cloud-based tools for AI-powered drug discovery. At the JP Morgan Healthcare Conference yesterday, Recursion announced Lowe, a software platform which uses an LLM that allows scientists to ask questions of all the company’s models for complex drug discovery tasks.

“We’ve got more than 20 different tools we’ve built at Recursion,” Recursion cofounder and CEO Chris Gibson told Forbes. “And it’s a little bit challenging to become an expert in how to use all of them. The LLM is a vehicle by which we can give our scientists access to them.”

Nvidia also announced that BioNeMo is releasing beta versions of cloud APIs, incorporating them into platforms tailored for drug discovery workflows. “Healthcare is inherently complicated. So we aim to make it easier for researchers who can fine-tune these models on proprietary data, run AI model inference through web browsers or cloud APIs, and access pretrained models for drug development,” said Kimberly Powell, VP of healthcare at Nvidia.

In addition, Nvidia announced that biotech leader Amgen will build AI models trained to analyze one of the world’s largest human datasets on an NVIDIA DGX SuperPOD, a full-stack data center platform, that will be installed at the Amgen’s deCODE genetics’ headquarters in Reykjavik, Iceland.

Source : ventureBeat