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AI Transforms Coal Mining in North China

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A 1.5-meter-long drill pipe is moving slowly toward the coal bed in a mine in north China’s Shanxi Province, which is known for its coal resources. And in a control center 500 meters away, a screen displays pictures and data that the drill pipe has collected.

“Drilling is automatic with artificial intelligence (AI),” said Wen Haiming, chief engineer at the Shanxi Chengfeng Coal Industry Company.

Water exploration and drainage are necessary steps in maintaining the underground operational safety of coal mines, and aim to prevent water accidents. With the construction of intelligent mining facilities, AI has allowed for these steps to be completed via video monitoring and sensors.

AI improves the quality of drilling and construction, and firmly supports underground mining operations, said Wang Yu, deputy general manager of intelligent underground water exploration service provider Jingying Shuzhi Technology Co., Ltd.

Coal mining is considered a high-risk industry. In recent years, China has been strengthening the intelligent transformation of its coal mines and promoting the application of AI in underground mining.

Artificial intelligence (AI) has the potential to significantly impact the mining sector in developing countries like Ethiopia.

AI can enhance the efficiency and accuracy of mineral exploration and resource assessment processes. Machine learning algorithms can analyze geological data, satellite imagery, and historical data to identify potential mineral deposits and predict their quality and quantity. This can help mining companies optimize their exploration efforts and reduce costs.

Mining operations involve inherent risks. AI can play a crucial role in improving safety by monitoring working conditions, detecting hazardous situations, and alerting workers to potential dangers.

Source: MACAU