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ASTU Hosts the 2nd Deep Learning Indaba X 2021 Conference

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The 2nd Deep Learning Indaba X 2021 conference, hosted by Adama Science and Technology University in collaboration with Google and Deep Learning Indaba, has officially started. The event will take place from January 27-29, 2022.

The conference is being held with the theme of “Strengthening awareness and application of Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence in Ethiopia”.

The opening remarks were made by the honorable guest Engineer Worku Gachena, Director General of the Ethiopian Artificial Intelligence Institute.

In his opening remarks Engineer Worku has underlined that the current digital world require nations across the globe to effectively utilize information and digital technologies in particular artificial intelligence in order to stay competitive.

He also emphasized the importance of not only raising awareness about artificial intelligence, but also applying worldwide expertise on the topic in Ethiopia.

Doctor Lemi Guta, the university’s President, in his part said that such conferences demonstrate the commitment given to the technology by higher research institutions.  

The IndabaX initiative began in 2017 with the goal of increasing awareness and practical use of machine learning and artificial intelligence in Africa. Ethiopia is part of the initiative, which now includes 27 countries.