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Data Ownership and Privacy: Navigating the Ethical Landscape

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Data ownership refers to the legal and ethical principles that govern the control and use of data. This includes the right to access, manage, transfer, and share data with third parties. As artificial intelligence (AI) technologies continue to leverage data as a critical resource, concerns around data ownership and privacy have become increasingly prominent.

Controversies surrounding the data used to enhance technological systems have brought these issues into sharper focus. There is a heightened risk of privacy violations or the unauthorized use of personal information, as highlighted by reports from the Economic Times.

In response, countries are implementing diverse legal frameworks and principles to address these threats. The approaches taken by Canada, the United States, and the European Union serve as prominent examples.

Ethiopia is also currently preparing a policy framework to responsibly manage this sector. The proposed policy not only addresses data ownership and sharing, but also aims to enhance the credibility of technologies among users. The policy initiatives underway represent an important step towards addressing these complex and multifaceted issues.