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Demand for AI expertise surges by 1,000%

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Fiverr has released its seventh Business Trends Index, revealing a surge in demand for AI expertise.

The ongoing skills shortage is making it difficult for businesses to attract, and retain, tech industry talent. AI expertise is particularly in-demand.

Among the sectors that have seen the biggest increase on Fiverr’s platform include ‘Accounting and Finance’ services, which has seen an 835 percent increase over the past six months—showing a clear demand for AI and machine learning technologies that can help businesses streamline their financial processes and optimise operations.

The report also highlighted the growing trend for AI in creative industries, with AI art seeing a 6,223 percent increase in searches in the UK over the past six months. This suggests that businesses are increasingly exploring the use of AI technologies to create new and innovative products in the creative sector.

Overall, the latest Business Trends Index shows that businesses and freelancers are adapting to the challenges of the pandemic, with many looking to technology to help them navigate the changing landscape.

The rise in demand for AI services highlights the growing recognition of the benefits that these technologies can offer, from automating mundane tasks to improving decision-making processes.

Source: science daily