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Digital Ethiopia 2025 mid-term review has taken place

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During the review, Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed (Dr.) acknowledged the significant strides Ethiopia has made in its digital transformation journey. He emphasized the importance of the technology systems developed by the government, highlighting their crucial role in benefiting the citizens.

Engineer Worku Gachena, the Director General of the Ethiopian Artificial Intelligence Institute, participated in a panel discussion where he elucidated the institute’s contributions to the successful implementation of the strategy.

To actualize the vision of a digital Ethiopia, the Ethiopian Artificial Intelligence Institute is actively engaged in constructing infrastructure, developing a skilled workforce, and advancing technology. Furthermore, the institute has emphasized its commitment to conducting extensive scientific research in various domains such as health, agriculture, education, finance, service, and the construction of smart cities. By harnessing the power of artificial intelligence, the institute is performing multifaceted functions to drive progress.

The implementation of the “Digital Ethiopia 2025” strategy is aimed at accelerating the country’s economic growth through the establishment and expansion of digital infrastructure.