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French Open announces AI tool to prevent cyberbullying of players

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The French Open will be using AI-driven software to filter out abusive comments on social media and reduce cyberbullying targeting players.

The AI tool, developed by, will identify and block racist, homophobic, and other forms of hate speech on platforms like Twitter, Instagram, and TikTok. This marks the first time such technology will be used at the event. The French Tennis Federation will make this software available to all athletes participating in the tournament.

The French Open officials stated that social media had become a breeding ground for hate and hostility, often shielded by anonymity. Tennis players are vulnerable to cyberbullying, and the aim is to protect their mental health and their support networks. will provide daily reports on comments, alerting tournament officials to accounts engaged in abusive behaviour or language without filtering through players’ private messages.

The software will be integrated into the official social media platforms of Roland Garros and the players’ personal channels. The prioritisation of player well-being, including mental health, has been emphasised by both tournament organisers and the French Tennis Federation officials.

source: digwatch