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Generative AI is reshaping knowledge work.

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One of the hallmarks of digital transformation is rapid innovation that keeps businesses afloat in a sea of competition. Today generative AI is easily the fastest boat in the race and organizations are quickly coming on board.

Perhaps not quickly enough. Twenty-eight percent of 14,000 workers are using gen AI in the workplace, with 32% expecting to use it soon, according to Salesforce research1. Presumably, this excludes the pockets of shadow AI (the AI systems, solutions, and services used or developed within an organization without explicit organizational approval or oversight. It can include anything from using unsanctioned software and apps to developing AI-based solutions in a skunkworks-like fashion.) that pervade most companies.

Experts believe gen AI will reshape how knowledge workers work, including creating some coveted roles that are highly skilled and well paid.

Some companies are recruiting gen AI prompt engineers, content curators and storytellers. Such experts might query gen AI services and fashion the resulting into content for marketing, sales or other business lines. Imagine natural language ninjas  (persons who excels in language expertise skill.)  with unparalleled skills at phrasing prompts.

Indeed, employees are already using gen AI services to automate administrative and other tasks. Many marketers practice prompt engineering to generate content. HR associates prompt to help craft job descriptions. Sales staff organize sales motions with gen AI and product developers craft specifications.

Researchers save time sorting and synthesizing data or conducting searches of existing studies, while teachers use it to grade tests and flesh out lesson plans. Lawyers spend less time researching cases, while writers create storyboards for their content plans.

Source: VentureBeat