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Microsoft unveils Face Check for secure identity verification

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Microsoft announced the launch of Face Check, a new facial recognition feature for its Entra Verified ID digital identity platform. Face Check allows businesses to match a user’s selfie to their government ID or employee credentials, providing an extra layer of security for sensitive operations like password resets or help desk access.

“Rather than compete with an overcrowded market, we’re partnering with leading verification providers to make it easy for businesses and developers to integrate world-class verification services (like government ID or legal entity verification) with minimal custom code,” said Ankur Patel, Microsoft’s principal product manager.

“Businesses and verifications partners can integrate Face Check to enhance real-time privacy respecting biometric verification,” he said. “Verified ID’s open-standards based technical approach coupled with a strategy to partner rather than compete will help Entra ID deliver enterprise-grade verification, in addition to security, compliance, and privacy.”

Face Check leverages Microsoft’s Azure AI services to compare the live selfie to the individual’s verified photo ID in a privacy-respecting way. Only the match results, and not any sensitive biometric data, are shared with the verifying application.

This approach minimizes privacy and compliance risks associated with facial recognition technology, according to Patel. 

Source: VentureBeat