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In the aftermath of the large language model (LLM) revolution last year, a new fascination has emerged among developers and tech enthusiasts around AI “agents,” which are capable of executing complex tasks autonomously., a new Silicon Valley company, today launched a service that integrates these intelligent agents into the physical realm of robots, blurring the lines between digital and human workers.

Co-founded by Chinese-Armenian serial entrepreneur David Yang, is attempting to redefine the concept of the workplace. Its service combines the advanced capabilities of LLM-driven agents with the versatility of physical robots to create “digital employees” — virtual workers adept at handling a wide range of office tasks, from administrative duties to customer engagement.

In exclusive interviews with VentureBeat, Yang and co-founder Ljubov Ovtsinnikova revealed the progress they’ve made so far and their vision for the future. 

It might be easy to get fixated on the physical robot part of this, but Newo’s real innovation lies in its AI agent builder platform. This builder lets companies replicate the intelligence of an entry-level human worker “out of the box,” one that can do pretty much any office administrative tasks that a human employee can. It can make and receive phone calls, chat over text, send emails, join Zoom calls, take notes and even receive walk-in customers in an office.

Depending on what a business needs, it can take between two hours and two days to customize the programming of Newo digital workers for most jobs – where the worker can do all essential tasks required of receptionists, sales agents, technical support and customer success specialists, or HR operators. 

Source: VentureBeat