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OpenAI upgrades ChatGPT with web browsing capabilities

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With the ability to browse the Web, ChatGPT can now provide the latest information available on the internet, access a wider range of information, authoritative sources, and links to images and videos, and deliver more accurate and relevant responses to user queries.
By integrating browsing capabilities, Microsoft-backed OpenAI is enhancing ChatGPT’s capabilities. The popular chatbot can now perform a wider range of tasks, such as booking flights, making reservations, or ordering products online.

The startup announced a major upgrade earlier this week, boosting ChatGPT interactivity through voice conversations and images and moving it closer to popular AI assistants like Amazon’s Alexa and Apple’s Siri. ChatGPT and other similar systems will now compete with search engines and news media websites for current questions and inquiries. These developments come as OpenAI and other GenAI chatbots are facing multiple lawsuits in US federal courts from prominent authors and reputable media alleging copyright infringements.

Source: digwatch news