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Pakistan implements AI-powered criminal identification system

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Pakistan implemented an AI-powered Face Trace System (FTS) to increase the effectiveness of biometric criminal identification and detention. The Punjab Safe City project is a joint project between the Punjab Police and the Punjab Information Technology Board (PITB), and it is one of many implemented in the country. Other regions also have advanced programs incorporating AI security control systems, and IP cameras spread over 255 sites.

Punjab province’s commitment to modernising law enforcement resulted in the introduction of these new digital technologies. With the help of an extensive database and a user-friendly online platform of the FTS, investigations are accelerated, and laborious processes are replaced with smooth identification and verification. Identification procedures are streamlined using AI-driven facial and vehicle number plate recognition, reducing the time and resources required for investigations. Sindh province has implemented surveillance systems consisting of carefully placed cameras with cutting-edge capabilities like facial recognition, night vision, and vehicle plate recording so that law enforcement officials can quickly identify and monitor suspects using state-of-the-art AI technology.

Although the introduction of new technologies in security and surveillance can contribute to a more efficient use of resources. 

Source: digwatch