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Students switch to AI to learn languages

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Students all over the world are using chatbots created by artificial intelligence to increase their vocabulary and correct their grammar in their second language. Developers have been quick to jump on this wave of interest, and there are now numerous apps that have drawn on open-source code to customise AI for language learners. 

AI chatbots are helpful for vocabulary development, grammar and other language skills, especially when they offer corrective feedback.

Users are reporting that chatbots are well versed in widely spoken European languages, but quality degrades for languages that are underrepresented online or that have different writing systems. Many of the AI language-learning apps are available for a limited set of languages.

Even in common languages, the chatbots make errors – sometimes even inventing words. One problem is that they deliver text so confidently, it would be easy for a relatively new learner to take what they say as correct.

Source: BBC