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US schools to get AI chatbot called ‘Ed’ as student advisor

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Ed will be the newest student advisor in Los Angeles schools, programmed to tell parents about their child’s grades, tests results and attendance. Ed the chatbot will be part of an interface for an Individual Acceleration Plan. Ed modelled on the Individualised Educational Program, or IEP, that aims to provide a unique, appropriate education and support plan for every student who has a disability.

The ability of cutting-edge artificial intelligence and extensive data to customise an action plan for instructors, students, and parents is very powerful.  The chatbot technology, which will eventually reach every student in the district, will first be available at the 100 schools the district has designated as its most “fragile” – the most in need of improvement or special services. Real-time reports on attendance, grades, and test results allow them to track and assist progress while quickly addressing any issues.

Source: The Star