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Vise intelligence is a new AI to Assist- not replace- financial advisors

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Now, Vise is ready for a big comeback and more focused than ever with the release of its new AI service, Vise Intelligence, a conversational AI model designed to support human financial advisors by preparing them reports, answering their questions, and surfacing up-to-the-minute information about investment portfolios to go over with their clients.

“Supporting financial advisors with artificial intelligence that can help do their jobs better will create better investment outcomes for all the clients that use them, and make [the financial advisors] more accessible to more people,” said Samir Vasavada, CEO and one of the firm’s original co-founders, in a video call interview with VentureBeat.

For example, a financial advisor who pays for a Vise Intelligence subscription could prompt the assistant with the phrase “Ava Harris called with concerns about investing in energy companies,” referring to a client’s phone call. Vise could then provide the financial advisor with information about that client’s specific portfolio, suggest ways for the advisor to tweak to the client’s wishes, and then draft an email to send to the client about the changes the advisor would implement in the investment strategy.

In this way, the human advisor and their client remain in control, but Vise Intelligence is always standing by to act as a helpful assistant capable of pulling together information and suggesting how it could be used.

 Source: VentureBeat