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What is in store for AI 2024: collaboration, vision-and a manipulation crisis

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The new year will be one where we see incredibly advanced AI applied in a number of new creative ways, and will undoubtedly lead to tremendous progress across industries writ large

But there are also clear warning signs that AI will be used by bad actors. So, while the exact future remains unclear, one thing is certain: The advances made in AI in 2024 will have major implications for how we do work — and more importantly, how we live our lives.

AI development has increasingly been focused on AI agents. These smart, highly adapted tools are already beginning to make an impact in industry after industry, but what we have seen to date is nothing compared to what’s to come.

Where will the innovation go? And how fast? It’s hard to tell, but being able to interpret images and videos and react instantly to physical changes in the environment adds an incredibly important dimension to how an intelligent AI agent could aid a human user.

Imagine receiving a link from a friend over email. The link takes you to a busy social network group where you see dozens of users, view their profile photos and read their messages and comments to each other. As you’re on the site, someone starts a new text chat with you. It feels so real.

And it could all be fake! We have always, as human beings, lived with the possibility of misinformation, and one of our biggest weapons to combat it has been social proof. “If others trust this, then it must be trustworthy” is no longer an effective principle, for the simple reason that we cannot be sure who is real and who is an AI bot.

Source: VenturBeat