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What is next for artificial intelligence?

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By any measure, 2023 was an amazing year for AI. Large language Models (LLMs) and their chatbot applications stole the show, but there were advances across a broad swath of uses. These include image, video and voice generation.

The combination of these digital technologies have led to new use cases and business models, even to the point where digital humans are becoming commonplace, replacing actual humans as influencers and newscasters.

Importantly, 2023 was the year when large numbers of people started to use and adopt AI intentionally as part of their daily work. Rapid AI innovation has fueled future predictions, as well, including everything from friendly home robots to artificial general intelligence (AGI) within a decade. That said, progress is never a straight line and challenges could sidetrack some of these predicted advances.

As AI increasingly weaves into the fabric of our daily lives and work, it begs the question: What can we expect next?”

Physical robots could arrive soon

While digital advancements continue to astonish, the physical realm of AI — particularly robotics — is not far behind in capturing our imagination. LLMs could provide the missing piece, essentially a brain, particularly when combined with image recognition capabilities through camera vision. With these technologies, robots could more readily understand and respond to requests and perceive the world around them.

In the Robot Report, Nvidia’s VP of robots and edge computing Deepu Talla said that LLMs will enable robots to better understand human instructions, learn from one another and comprehend their environments.

Source:  VentureBeat