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AI Algorithm to build less concrete buildings

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The idea consists of algorithms for reducing the massive carbon footprint of the construction sector by constructing gigantic structures with less material. This concept presented by PhD candidate Jackson Jewett.  Jewett grew up in California in what he describes as a “very creative household.”

By harnessing computational power, Jewett is searching for materially efficient components that can be used to make up structures such as bridges or buildings. These are other constraints to consider as well, particularly ensuring that the cost of manufacturing isn’t too high. Having worked in the industry before starting the PhD program, Jewett has an eye toward doing work that can be feasibly implemented.

his PhD thesis will be done in 2025, but the work won’t be done. The time horizon of when these things need to be implemented is relatively short if we want to make an impact before global temperatures have already risen too high. As Jackson Jewett stated his PhD research will be developing a framework for how that could be done with concrete construction, but I’d like to keep thinking about other materials and construction methods even after this project is finished.

Source: MIT news