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AI Platform Alliance will drive AI to be more open, efficient and sustainable

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A group of prominent companies in the AI industry announced the establishment of the AI Platform Alliance, a consortium aimed at making sure that AI platforms will be more open, efficient, and sustainable.

The consortium seeks to address the growing demand for scalable AI solutions and overcome the challenges posed by the increasing compute power required for AI training and inferencing. The founding members of the alliance include Ampere, Cerebras Systems, Furiosa, Graphcore, Kalray, Kinara, Luminous, Neuchips, Rebellions and Sapeon, with more companies expected to join in the future.

The formation of the AI Platform Alliance comes at a critical juncture, not only for the technology industry but also for the world as a whole. The rapid expansion of AI has led to an unprecedented need for compute power to train and run AI workloads. The aim of the group is to “promote better collaboration and openness.”

While AI training demands substantial compute resources upfront, the total compute power required for AI inferencing can be up to ten times higher, posing an even greater challenge as AI usage scales up. One of the primary objectives of the AI Platform Alliance is to enhance the power and cost efficiency of AI hardware, surpassing the performance delivered by traditional graphics processing units (GPUs).

By fostering community-driven development, the consortium aims to expedite AI innovation by creating more transparent and accessible AI platforms. This collaborative approach seeks to enhance the efficiency of AI in solving real-world problems and establish sustainable, environmentally friendly, and socially responsible infrastructure at scale.

The AI Platform Alliance invites AI companies that are developing hardware solutions and are dedicated to challenging the status quo to join the consortium. Interested companies can apply for membership through the alliance’s website.

Source: VentureBeat