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AI You Will Need To Succeed In The Future

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Artificial intelligence (AI) isn’t going to replace people – but people who use AI are going to replace people who don’t. AI has been a hot topic in technology for some years now, at least since the emergence of deep learning during the last decade. But it’s the more recent emergence of generative AI tools (most famously the all-conquering ChatGPT) that has really opened eyes to how powerful, useful, and accessible the technology has now become.

From the smallest of startups to the largest multinational enterprises, businesses that previously may have been keeping an eye on AI as something they will need to invest in soon, are now racing to adopt it.

The nature of work and the workplace is evolving quickly. Just as was the case following previous technology revolutions, the next generation of leaders will emerge from those who are capable of moving with the times.

Taking time to master AI delegation is an important step for anyone who wants to make sure they are among them. These centers on the ability to understand the capabilities of AI, make decisions about what can be delegated, and manage the delegation in an efficient and ethical manner.

Most importantly, remember that AI is a tool – perhaps the most useful and powerful one that will emerge during our lifetimes. By mastering it and learning to use it effectively, we can enjoy careers that are more productive, interesting, and rewarding.

Source: Forbes