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Universities want to ensure staff and students are ‘AI-literate’

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Universities are increasingly recognising the importance of equipping their students and staff with AI literacy skills to leverage the opportunities presented by technological advancements in teaching and learning. With businesses crying out for new hires equipped with the latest tech skills and analytics capabilities, providing students with a fully rounded education and qualifications in this area is critical for building a dynamic workforce, fit for the future ahead.

The five principles outlined by AI intellectuals are as follows:

  1. AI Literacy Support: Universities will support students and staff in developing AI literacy skills, enabling them to comprehend and engage with AI effectively.
  2. Faculty Training: Staff members will be equipped with the necessary knowledge and skills to assist students in utilising generative AI tools appropriately and effectively within their learning experiences.
  3. Ethical Integration: Universities will adapt their teaching and assessment methods to incorporate the ethical use of generative AI, ensuring equal access to its benefits.
  4. Academic Rigour: Academic integrity and rigour will be upheld as universities embrace the transformative power of AI in education.
  5. Collaborative Best Practices: Universities will collaborate and share best practices as the technology and its applications in education evolve.

Source: AI News