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Artificial Intelligence Entrepreneurship Boot Camp Training Kicks Off

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The training, which will last for ten days, is organized by the Ethiopian Artificial Intelligence Institute. It focuses on entrepreneurial skills through artificial intelligence technology.

The program is anticipated to address issues facing the artificial intelligence entrepreneurial sector as well as the lack of fundamental knowledge and expertise in this area of technology.

A representative of the institute’s Research and Development Department, Mr. Yehualashet Megersa, has announced the commencement of the training. In his opening remarks, Mr. Yehualashet pointed out that the training will play a significant role in filling the knowledge gap in entrepreneurial skills of artificial intelligence technology. The representative also added that there are not enough initiatives in human resources development related to startups in the field of artificial intelligence. He said that the opportunity offered by the institute is an excellent chance to get past these issues.

The training, which started with thirty-two participants, is anticipated to provide an opportunity for the trainees to put their entrepreneurial ideas into action.