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The development of tech policy must keep pace with AI innovation

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As innovation in artificial intelligence (AI) outpaces news cycles and grabs public attention, a framework for its responsible and ethical development and use has become increasingly critical to ensuring that this unprecedented technology wave reaches its full potential as a positive contribution to economic and societal progress. In developing this policy, the European Union goes further.  Protecting people’s rights and safety” is the priority responsibility of the policy.

The following points are the most important areas that the policy should cover:

  • The power of generative AI: OpenAI’s release of ChatGPT captured the imagination of technology innovators, business leaders and the public last year, and consumer interest and understanding of the capabilities of generative AI exploded. However, with artificial intelligence becoming mainstream, including as a political issue, and humans’ propensity to experiment and test systems, the ability for misinformation, impact on privacy and the risk to cyber security and fraudulent behaviour run the risk of quickly becoming an afterthought.
  • New investments in AI: An immediate opportunity exists to amplify the impact of investment through academic partnerships for workforce development and research. The government should fund AI centers alongside academic and corporate institutions already at the forefront of AI research and development, driving innovation and creating new opportunities for businesses with the power of AI.
  • Public assessments AI models : Model assessment is critical to ensuring that AI models are accurate, reliable and bias-free, essential for successful deployment in real-world applications. For example, imagine an urban planning use case in which generative AI is trained on redlined cities with historically underrepresented poor populations. Unfortunately, it is just going to lead to more of the same. The same goes for bias in lending, as more financial institutions are using AI algorithms to make lending decisions.
  • Government policies : includes a provision directing government agencies to use AI and automated systems in a manner that advances equity. For these policies to have a meaningful impact, they must include incentives and repercussions; they cannot merely be optional guidance.

Source: techcrunch+