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Global AI economy expected to surpass $34trln by 2027

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As the data shows global AI economy is poised for substantial and dynamic growth in the coming years, and that current AI industry stakeholders are working in an unprecedented period of opportunity in terms of AI impact on the global economy. The current year global AI economy worth $20 trillion. The rapidly evolving AI landscape, delivering quantitative, tangible insights to industry stakeholders and decision-makers are the fertile opportunities for the expected growth.

As Kaminskiy, Founder of AI Analytics Agency (AiiA) said, this first iteration in an ongoing series of Global AI Economy Size Assessments undertaken by AiiA adds substance and depth to something that we all know, and which has become very obvious to the general public in recent months: that AI is here to stay, and will be witnessing both unprecedented levels of growth as well as driving the expansion, disruption, modernization and diversification of countless other industries caught in its wake. These kinds of assessment lay the groundwork for the important process of AI industry structurization and commoditization, which will be required to leverage AI’s true potential, de-risk investments, unlock capital, and bridge the gaps between tech industries, ultimately creating a more sustainable and prosperous financial future within the AI industry and beyond. AiiA research center assessed 50,000 companies, 20,000 investors, 2,000 AI leaders, 2,500 R&D hubs, and 300 government organisations to compile this report.

Source: Al Hilal Publishing