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How AI Can Revolutionize Your Business

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Throughout history, there have been key inventions that have revolutionized everyday life, such as the automobile and electricity. We are currently living amid another such revolution: the rise of AI.

While the largest players in the tech industry—such as Microsoft, Google, Amazon and others—are racing to adopt AI, many small companies and entrepreneurs are losing out on an opportunity to automate their business and use AI to gain a competitive edge. In fact, a recent report estimated that 49% of the top decision-makers in UK firms were concerned about implementing AI.

AI will indeed take over some jobs, just as has happened with every major technological revolution. However, it is not believed that AI will result in a wholesale annihilation of jobs. Instead, AI will empower those who are already good at their jobs and give them new opportunities to excel

The successful people—and who will take jobs—are those who learn to use AI to do their jobs better, faster and in more innovative ways.

AI is ideally suited to serve as a personal assistant, providing critical information in a fraction of the time it would take to find that information through research. While many mistakenly believe AI is only useful in the tech industry, using it as a personal assistant opens up a world of possible applications.

Source: Forbes