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How to Make Artificial Intelligence More Human in 2024

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Next year, Big Tech can’t be the only one building AI. Regulators need to give access to more people.

In the last year, computers started acting strangely human. As OpenAI’s Ilya Sutskever put it, you can think of AI as a “digital brain”, one that’s directly modeled after that of a human. Just like a young child, AI has incentives and learns from those around it. If ChatGPT was a young child, it would be growing inside a $90 billion company, OpenAI, and learning to maximize profit above all else.

If a profit-seeking AI was tasked with treating cancer patients, would it solve for a cure or an ongoing treatment? The answer is whichever generates the most revenue, but an AI built by people could prioritize core human values such as health and fairness. We can make AI more human, and less profit-driven, if we create rules to decide who builds and benefits from it in 2024.

“AI technology has the potential to generate enormous wealth, but we need to ensure workers get their share of it and not just those at the top,” Congressman Ro Khanna, whose district includes Silicon Valley, told Gizmodo.

Representative Khanna says we must give workers a seat at the table in conversations about how AI will change the economy.

Source: Gizmodo news