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Humanoid Robot with AI Mind Is Meant to Think Just Like People, And It’s Learning

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The robot kin is going through a major transformation: machines are beginning to get minds of their own. And that’s because more and more people and organizations are working to integrate artificial intelligence into these robots, giving them never-before-seen capabilities.

Most of the projects currently being run in this field involve the creation of special-purpose AI-powered machines, meaning tools designed to perform a specific task. But not the Phoenix robot, a machine that should be capable of thinking just like people, thus displaying theworld’s first human-like intelligence in general purpose robots.”
The idea to this this belongs to a company called Sanctuary Cognitive Systems Corporation (Sanctuary AI). It’s a Canadian startup created back in 2018 by a team of AI and technology pioneers who came together to “build a human-like brain and system that’s capable of executing human-like tasks.”

AI mind is called Carbon, and it too is a product of Sanctuary AI. It was designed to mimic “subsystems found in the human brain.” In words, we can all understand, that means it comes with memory and the senses of sight, hearing, and touch.

The company says Carbon is capable of making the robot it powers capable of taking on pretty much all tasks humans routinely perform, including picking up glasses or other fragile objects.

The seventh-gen robot comes with big improvements compared to before. It allows increased uptime, which should lead to more training and data capture capabilities, it has increased visual acuity and tactile sensing, and the time it needs to automate a new task has gone down from weeks to just 24 hours.

The robot has not been designed to take over the world, but “to augment the human workforce and to make it safer.“ And that’s exactly what it will do, as more and more companies seem interested in the technology.

Source: autoevolution