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India Ranks Highest for Global Implementation of AI Projects

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India heads the pack as an AI leader, with 70 per cent of companies having AI projects up and running, or in motion. This is in stark contrast with the global average of 49 per cent, according to a report by NetApp.

Additionally, the report found that 91 per cent of India-based companies will use half or more of their data to train AI models in 2024. The report also found a clear divide between AI leaders and AI laggards across several areas.

In terms of regions, 60 per cent of AI-leading countries (India, Singapore, UK, USA) have AI projects up and running or in pilot, in stark contrast to 36 per cent in AI-lagging countries (Spain, Australia/New Zealand, Germany, Japan).

Role of data

“The world today is driven by AI and data plays a critical role in enhancing AI capabilities. India is a country of humungous data sets. No surprise then, that India leads the world and corporations are embracing AI to further their IT agenda. We are partnering with a diverse group of customers to build an intelligent data infrastructure that spans multiple environments and is the backbone of all AI projects. Clearly, the more unified and reliable your data, the more likely your AI initiatives are to be successful,” said Puneet Gupta, Vice President and Managing Director, NetApp India/SAARC.

Source: THE HINDU businessline