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Jasper launches new marketing AI copilot: ‘no one should have to work alone’

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Following layoffs earlier this year, marketing software platform Jasper is recalibrating.

Today, the company announced its new “end-to-end AI copilot for better marketing outcomes,” according to Timothy Young, the new CEO of Jasper as of two weeks ago, in an exclusive interview with VentureBeat.

The features Jasper announced today include new performance analytics to optimize content, a company intelligence hub to align messaging with brand strategy, and campaign tools to accelerate review cycles. The features will start rolling out in beta in November, with additional capabilities planned for Q1 2024.

By outlining the campaign parameters upfront, Jasper’s new copilot can not only generate customized content for each channel but also schedule, distribute, and track the entire effort. This elevates Jasper from tactical content creation to true strategic campaign management.

Crucially, the copilot also closes the feedback loop by integrating performance analytics. This allows users to demonstrate the real business impact of their campaigns to stakeholders.

Young, a former leader at Dropbox and VMWare, said Jasper is “up leveling the capabilities…from just an individual piece of content to groupings of content that are strategically valuable.” In a product briefing with VentureBeat, Zach Anderson, Jasper’s VP of Product and Customer Success, unveiled new capabilities coming to market that position Jasper as a true AI marketing copilot.

Source: VentureBeat