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Safe AI for Healthcare

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Following GoogleOpenAI and 13 other AI companies, leading healthcare entities have agreed to sign the Biden-⁠Harris Administration’s voluntary commitments for the safe, secure and trustworthy development and use of artificial intelligence. 

Announced on Dec. 14, the commitments reflect a series of actions to pursue the “once-in-a-generation” benefits of large-scale models that can perform a variety of tasks in healthcare environments while mitigating their risks and protecting patients’ sensitive health information at the same time.

A total of 28 organizations on the demand side of healthcare operations – providers and payers who develop, purchase and implement AI-enabled technologies in their workflows – have signed these commitments. 

Even before the rise of ChatGPT and generative AI in general, the role of artificial intelligence in healthcare was widely discussed, this included diagnosing diseases early and discovering new treatments. However, with all the benefits, many have raised questions about the safety and reliability of AI systems in healthcare settings

With these voluntary commitments to the Biden administration, the 28 healthcare providers and payers want to end this skepticism and develop AI to deliver more coordinated care, improved patient experiences and reduced clinician burnout

Source: VentureBeat