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How Generative AI Will Change The Jobs Of Teachers

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No AI will ever replace a great teacher. However, educators are already using generative AI to help with creative tasks or automate routine aspects of their work. This frees up more time for the really important jobs, like spending time with students.

The UK government examined how generative AI is being used in education through a call for evidence. After speaking to teachers, they found that most reported that they were already using generative AI tools in their jobs or had experimented with them. Those who used them said that benefits included saving time, improving the quality of their teaching, and improving engagement with students.

The most popular uses include:

-Course and lesson planning, Teachers use natural language tools like ChatGPT to create lesson plans, suggesting topics and learning activities based on the required curriculum.

· Research – To help teachers themselves get a better understanding of the subjects they plan to teach.

· Content creation – Quickly generating reading material, images, games, quizzes, or checklists covering the subjects being studied.

· Language learning and translating – Enabling teachers to communicate more effectively with multi-lingual classes.

Source: Forbes