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Samsung unveils Gauss, on device GenAI models for text, images and codes

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On nov.8, South Korean electronics giant Samsung made its first major move in the generative AI space by announcing Gauss, a foundation model designed to run locally on smartphones and produce text, code and images.

At its ongoing AI Forum in Suwon, the company detailed the efforts with the new model, noting that the technology is currently being tested internally by its employees. It’s been named after Carl Friedrich Gauss, the late German mathematician and physicist who established the normal distribution theory that formed the base of modern machine learning and AI.

Eventually, the company plans to evolve Gauss and use it for “a variety of product applications” to deliver new user experiences. The move comes as technology companies, including Apple and Google, explore the potential of on-device AI for different use cases.

While Gauss has just been announced, Samsung Research has confirmed that it will have three versions: Gauss Language, Gauss Code and Gauss Image.

The language model will work similarly to Google Workspace’s generative AI smarts and help with tasks such as composing emails, summarizing documents and translating content. It may also enable smarter device control, Samsung indicated without sharing specific details.

Similarly, Gauss Image will handle photo work on the devices, starting from generating and editing the images to enhancing them with additions and increasing resolutions. This would be similar to giving access to features like generative fill right within the editor of a smartphone.

When both these capabilities will become available to folks using Samsung devices, Gauss Code will serve as a software development assistant, helping teams write code quickly. It will support functions such as code description and test case generation through an interactive interface, the company added.