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New AI model for writing computer codes: Code Llama

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Meta to launch AI model for writing computer codes, for free, can write code based on human text. An artificial intelligence (AI) model designed to assist in writing computer code, furthering its push into the new technology. Code Llama can also be used for code completion and debugging.

Since the launch of OpenAI’s ChatGPT late last year, enterprises and businesses have flocked to the nascent generative AI market for newer capabilities and refining business processes. Facebook and Instagram owner Meta has released a flurry of AI models, mostly ree, this year, including an open-source language model, called Llama, that poses a serious challenge to proprietary models sold by Microsoft-backed OpenAI and Alphabet’s Google. The new AI model is built on top of Meta’s latest Llama 2 language model and wil be available in different configurations.  As Meta clarification Code Llama supports the popular coding languages like Python, Java and C++ and is not recommended for general text tasks

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