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Understanding How Immersive Mixed Reality Will Power the Metaverse

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The way in which businesses, enterprises, industry leaders and consumers utilize technology for everyday tasks is set to undergo one of the most drastic evolutions ever. Just a few short years ago it was nearly impossible to think any sort of technology could have a greater impact than networked computers, the Internet or even mobile computing, but now immersive mixed reality powering the Metaverse is challenging just that.

Metaverse is a new kind of application which is enabled by tight integration between real and virtual worlds. Metaverse is enabled by multitude of new technologies broadly in five groups as shown below:

  1. Communications and computing infrastructure:  Metaverse will need to perform large scale compute-heavy tasks, and access large databases to merge the real and virtual world.
  2. Management Technology: Metaverse will need a lot of resources like energy, compute etc. This layer manages and allocates most optimum resources to run Metaverse.
  3. Fundamental common technology: AI, Spatio-Temporal consistency are fundamental common technology for Metaverse.
  4. Virtual Reality object connection: Metaverse will create 1:1 connection between real and virtual world objects and technologies like blockchain, and identity modeling will enable that.
  5. Virtual Reality Space Convergence: Metaverse will fundamentally need a new medium to interact. AR/VR/MR, BCI, Gaming technologies will enable this.  

Immersive reality solution providers offer the following foundational technologies to run industrial enterprise Metaverse:

  1. Virtual Reality Space convergence
  2. Ultra-low Latency High Fidelity Rendering
  3. High Precision 3D Artificial Intelligence (AI) based Spatial Mapping
  4. Communications and computing infrastructure:
  5. Cloud computing/edge computing:
  6. Messaging framework

Fundamental common technology:

Security and privacy: Security and privacy is one of the biggest issues facing today’s world. Since Metaverse has the digital twin as an integral part, the Metaverse will have much richer data. The security and privacy in Metaverse cannot be solved by traditional security tools. AR/VR partners have built tools that handle security and privacy related to digital twins.

The Metaverse is going to be important for all businesses, enterprises and consumers. Today, people and employees can only experience the internet when they log online on their computer or mobile device, but with new connectivity, devices and technologies powered by immersive mixed, we’ll be able to experience the internet all around every single day.

Source: UNITE AI